Version 0.1

The first version of the mixed reality therapy room wasn’t really a room at all- but a platform that supported the manipulation of two-dimensional shapes that represented objects or affective states.

  • Reification functions
  • Create shapes
  • Change size
  • Change colour
  • Change positioning

Version 0.2

The second version involved considerable upgrades- maintaining the core reification functions of the first version, but placing them in a network-enabled, VR-compatible three-dimensional space.

  • 3D build of consultancy room and experience room
  • Reification functions recreated in 3D
  • VR and 2D modes supported
  • User roles implemented
  • Handover protocols
  • Networking implemented

Version 0.3 [current build]

The current build has significantly refined the interfaces and interactions of the previous version, focusing in a more nuanced way on user experience and compatibility with therapeutic protocols.

Current work is focused on completing this version, resulting in a full-featured downloadable, as well as web-based demo version to facilitate applied testing, education and collaboration with researchers.

  • Consultancy room and experience room redesign
  • User interface implementation
  • External media supported
  • See video series here >

Future build map:

Version 0.4

  • Networking update
  • Refactoring
  • Advanced testing

Version 0.5

  • Settings development
  • Profiles/scene setup
  • VR Multiplatform development

Version 0.6

  • Plugin system development
  • Focus on multimedia: film, images
  • Advanced data collection integration
  • Extended UI development

Version 0.7

  • Expanded feature options
  • VR features e.g. painting in space
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